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My role as a Certified Online Business Manager

Updated: Jan 1

As a recently Certified Online Business Manager, I often get asked, "What exactly do you do?" It's a great question, as the role of an OBM is multifaceted and crucial to the success of any business. Let me break down what I bring to the table as a Certified OBM.

Key Responsibilities as a Certified OBM

Keeping Focus: I ensure you stay in your zone of genius, steering clear of day-to-day distractions.

Task Management: Your priorities and goals are translated into actionable tasks for the team.

Team Coordination: I work closely with the team to guarantee timely and accurate task completion.

Idea Sounding Board:  I'm here to discuss and refine your business ideas.

Streamlining Operations: Organizing and enhancing the efficiency of your business operations is a key focus.

Detailed Planning: Creating comprehensive plans for all business objectives.

Leadership Support: Helping you transition from managing to leading your business.

Hiring and Team Building: Whether it’s contractors or employees, I manage the recruitment and integration process.

Project and Launch Management: Overseeing projects and product/service launches meticulously.

Metrics Review: Regularly assessing business metrics to stay aligned with our goals.

SOP Development: Establishing Standard Operating Procedures for all critical business activities.

Team Meetings: Conducting regular meetings to support and synchronize the team.

Business Commitment: Caring about your business as much as you do, through ups and downs.

In essence, my role as a Certified OBM at Admin Virtuosa is to ensure the seamless operation of your business's backend, freeing you up to focus on growth and creativity. With me on board, you’re not just getting an OBM; you’re gaining a committed partner in your entrepreneurial journey.

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