Louisa Thiessen

Owner and founder

Louisa is an experienced Online Business Manager that specialized in strategic business planning. She has a passion for sustainable business growth.

As a mom and business owner, she understands the importance of having proper systems in place so that everything can run smoothly on the business side of things. She has worked to balance her business and personal life, allowing her more freedom to conquer her goals and focus on the core aspects of her life.


Degree in Business Administration


Over 15 Years of Experience

"I'm passionate about joining forces with business owners and helping them run their operations in a healthy way so that they can have a sustainable business. "

Admin Virtuosa is a result of her personal burnout, and her desire to help others avoid the same mistakes. She firmly believes that no one is meant to run a business all on their own but that everyone has a unique gifting. Through collaboration and partnerships, Admin Virtuosa can help any business operate in a healthier way.